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Realidad vs. (a)ficción/ Reality versus fiction (2003)

Realidad vs. (a)ficción
Desafío artístico y futbolístico consistente en jugar un partido de fútbol, enfrente del museo de arte contemporáneo el día 05.04.03. En el encuentro se enfrentaban la realidad, compuesta por tres educartistas que impartían un seminario de arte participativo en la Universidad Europa de Madrid, contra la (a)ficción, integrada por un equipo de 3 personas que se iban cambiando con el público, entre los que estaban los estudiantes de dicho taller.

Este reto tuvo lugar a la entrada del prestigioso Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía, lugar donde se encuentran las obras institucionales más significativas de la ciudad, pero que raramente alberga manifestaciones de arte participativo, reivindicativo, social y popular. Sin embargo, en la plaza donde se desarrolló el encuentro, suele reunir a niños, inmigrantes, marginales y espontáneos a practicar el deporte más popular: el fútbol. Elevado a la categoría de arte gracias a los medios de comunicación, seduce a la población real y no real y hace olvidar el presente, aquí en Madrid, y en el Reino Unido, y en Marruecos, pero también en Irak y más allá...
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Reality versus (a)fiction[1]

Football and art challenge, consisting in playing a football match in front the Madrid´s Contemporary Art Museum on the 05.04.03. In this game, ‘reality’ which included ‘artist teachers’ who were following a collaborative workshop in the European University of Madrid, played against ‘Fiction’ formed by students of the afore mentioned workshop, which changed each other with different members of the public.

It took place at the entrance of prestigious Reina Sofia Nationals Contemporary Art Museum, where the most significant institutional art pieces of the city are exhibited. The Reina Sofia, at that time, had rarely shelter participative, critical, social and popular art displays. Nevertheless, in the square where the match took place, children and immigrants used to meet, spontaneous and marginal people practised the most popular sport: Football. Due to the media, this sport is considered, an art which seduces a real (royal) and not real (royal) people, making us forget them the present, here in Madrid, and also in Great Britain, and Morocco, but also in Iraq and even further…

This magical game between reality and fiction had two halves of 30 minutes each: the first part was played with “the word” (with a ball on which “word” was written) and the second part was played with “fact” (the playing ball was written with the word “fact”). The dorsal of the reality team (4, 7 and 10), and the name of the team (real) were written with chalk on black t-shirts which disappeared little by little. However the dorsal 03, 04 and 05, and the name of the other team (fiction), printed in to a grey colour t-shirt , which were permanent, but the player who wore them, because they were rotating with the public.

The team celebrated their goals with they rising and showing his written palms with the word NO[2]. All of this occurred under a secure police presence, which controlled all popular radical demonstrations in the city and the referee watched, who custodies the order and  legality of this strict artistic-didactic-sporty event.

Both teams played fairly during the match. Fiction won with the minimum difference, in a contested sport confrontation, distinguished by the sportsmanship, enthusiasm and good football quality in both sides.

The sporty -artistic match turned in to a pun of words and meanings, in which the public and the following, those who don´t belong to the reality, were the protagonist winning. It was the “real” Madrid of the following ( in Spanish aficción), the real and socially implied art, the real immigration, the real students, the real public and the real social situation, which win the Real Madrid[3]  of Fernando (4), Raúl (7) y Luis (10)[4], the art of the museum, the teachers, the artistic elite, the well-off EC citizens and the TV world. The words and the facts, the repression and the demonstration, the museum and the street, the elite and the popular, the culture and the football were mixed, crossed, jumbled and played.

[1] If you read the (a) in Spanish, that word means following, addiction and fondness. There is a double meaning in this text because “real” means in Spanish real and also royal. In combination with the word Madrid ist can be interpreted as a name of a team and also as a real situation that is happening in Madrid
[2] This artist action was made in other to protest against the military occupation of the Unites States, Great Britain and Spain in Iraq and also the police repression in their pacific demonstrations. It mixes two pacific references: the slogan NO WAR, used in multitudinous demonstrations against that military occupation, and also the white palms, used in the antiterrorist demonstrations in Spain. A year latter, in less than 500 m of distance, an Al Qaeda commit a terrorist attack in the Atocha train station.
[3] Name of the football team and also meaning the Royal Madrid.
[4] All names of famous players of the Real Madrid and also the names of the arteachers

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